Jallas Productions

A Production Company That Tells Your Story

When it comes to getting a point across or telling your story, it is fair to say that video content is the most important medium with television being the place where people most readily engage. This means if you have a story, a plight, a cause or a belief you should be looking to get this across to as many people as possible and television remains the best place for you to do so.

While you may be thinking that your story or investigation is important enough in its own right to grab attention, this is not the case. There are countless stories, tales and causes that deserve exposure and they are all clamouring for attention and awareness. This means that while your narrative has to be told, it has to be told in the most effective high-quality manner. If you are looking to reach out to people, change behaviour or have a positive impact on the world, you need to work with a production company that will help you achieve your goals.

Great quality TV can grab attention, a brilliant storyline or gripping cause can make people pay attention but when you combine these elements, you can achieve everything that you want to achieve. At Jallas, we are a production company that aims to get your point of view across and we have the experience and confidence to give you the best chance of achieving all of your aims.

We specialise in documentary production

We specialise in documentary production and at the moment we are currently producing a documentary about the Children's Film Foundation. As a company, we have produced 4 documentaries for national broadcast in the UK, all of which have met with great acclaim and increased awareness for the cause they were promoting. As a firm, we are delighted that our production crew has received praise but the true measure of success for us is how we help our clients achieve success. Our team has the experience, expertise and the know-how to create documentaries that put challenging or difficult questions and situations across, but does so in a way that impacts on people in the right way.

We have many roles and a strong part to play in bringing your documentary or story to life. We will take care of the technical elements such as filming, recording and setting everything up but we also ensure that the message you send is the one that you want to share with the world. Just because you have a brilliant story or a strong narrative doesn't mean that this will transfer into a hard-hitting documentary or a piece of film that impacts on people.

We know how to make an impact

Far too often great stories and important causes have been minimised by production crews who don't know what they are dealing with or how to present the information. TV is a medium where you have to impact on people quickly, because there are too many options to sit and watch something that is of poor quality or little interest. As a production company, we balance the importance of making an impact with the need to not sensationalise or trivialise certain matters. In the wrong hands, this can be problematic and is the undoing of many potentially great documentaries and programmes.

At Jallas, we are confident that we are the production company that will take time to understand your aims and goals, and then place them in a format that suits your needs and objectives. No matter the story or cause, we are more than happy to help you create awareness and we will take you from start to finish in an effective and worthwhile manner.

If you have a story that is worth telling, you need a reputable documentary production team to ensure that your story is told in the right manner. At Jallas, we put you and your story first but we do so in a way that will ensure you connect with others.