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The CFF Story

The Children's Film foundation was set up in 1951 by J Arthur Rank with the support of Mary Fields. Ranks cinema chain had some 450,000 children attending Saturday morning pictures clubs.

But with no real films for children Rank decided to to set up an advisory committee to look at producing films. The ideas that Rank come up with were not liked by the advisory committee and things stalled. Rank recounts in a interview he thought he knew about children.

He said I'm a grandfather and was a Sunday School teacher for 30 years. He then set about making the first film which he showed to the committee. Again they did not like it, but this time he showed it to children and they loved it. So the CFF started later to become the CFTF.

In this clip we have a group have been show CFF films from the 1970 did they like them?

Anna Home was head of Children's TV at the BBC. When she left she became the head of the CFTF which had changed its name to encompass it roll in television as well is cinema.

Bernard Ashley talks about Terry on thr Fence. Which was one of the last CFTF films